Forgeries and fakes of ancient Egyptian antiquities have existed for
centuries. Growing interest in ancient Egyptian
art during the XIXth century went hand in hand with an
increasing production of fakes -even museum
collections contain a certain number of forgeries (learn more)-.

Today, the antiquities marketplace is witnessing a great
development with internet shopping. Modern
fakers, fraudsters and fakesellers are systematically fooling new collectors with their entirely invented pieces and tourist
souvenirs being offered as genuine ancient artefacts.

This site is just an attempt to make new
collectors aware of this fact, as well as to
provide images of both authentic ancient Egyptian
artefacts and forgeries. We hope you find it useful.

The forging process behind scenes

The forging process behind scenes

faience amulets
relief carving
oil lamps
canopic jars
burial masks
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Inform yourself before buying. It's the best way to fight fakesellers. Don't waste your money!


Collecting ancient Greek hoplite bronze helmets. Be informed

eBay fraud!. A The Sunday Times investigation revealed how eBay sellers fix the price. Learn how


We know who sold the forgeries and fakes of ancient egyptian artefacts shown on this website.
We have decided not to disclose that information publicly.

Images and comments are placed in good faith to the best of our abilities.
If you believe we are a mistaken we definitely want to hear from you!.

- If you own a piece shown here and do not want it shown please email us.
- If you sold a piece shown here as a forgery and disagree please email us.
- If we have mistakenly shown a forgery as genuine, or a genuine piece
as a forgery or fake please email us.

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